Springtime skincare

23 Jan 2017 Chris James   Health and wellbeing

Whilst we haven't seen the last of winter yet, the nights are gradually getting lighter as we move closer towards spring. As the temperatures gradually start creeping up, we're all too quick to switch to lighter, makeup and hair, but we can often fail to neglect to revamp our skincare regimes. We've already looked at how to take care of your skin in winter, but how should you adapt this as we move into spring?


It goes without saying that an SPF should be a year-round staple to your skincare regime but as spring approaches, we're more likely to spend more time outside which makes a good SPF more important than ever. Most good moisturisers will contain an SPF, but remember to apply an SPF to your body as well.

Scrubbing down

The change in temperature and moisture in the air can lead to clogged pores. By simply exfoliating your face no more than twice a week, you can rid the skin of excess dry, rough layers that you might have left from winter.

Lighten up

Winter can be damaging to the skin and dry it out. As such, it makes sense that we need to rebuild our skin in spring in order to replenish the moisture that was lost. With that being said, you'll probably have used a more heavy-duty moisturiser in winter, but as it starts to get warmer, these same rich moisturisers can smother your pores. Your best option will be a lighter gel-cream formula that combines hyaluronic acid with glycerin to pull moisture in from the air and locks it into the skin.


As the necklines get lower and we start to show a little bit more skin, you'll want to be taking extra care of the skin on your neck. It's all too common for the neck to be forgotten when practicing good skincare, yet this neglected area is crucial in maintaining a youthful complexion.

In a nutshell, spring is about stripping everything back and letting your skin breathe more freely. Yet, that doesn't mean you should stop any of the crucial steps in your skincare regime. You should use products that are smarter but lighter for your skin so that your pores are able to breathe.

If you have a skin condition that affects your skincare regime, get in touch with our pharmacist today to find a solution.

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