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Our Pharmacy meets all of the following check points, all have been verified independently and may also be verified by yourself, you can buy in full confidence that we are a fully registered official UK pharmacy.

We strictly follow pharmaceutical code of ethics

Our premises are registered with the The General Pharmaceutical Council. Reg. No. 1043239

Walter Lloyd Pharmacy

Walter Lloyd & Son Ltd

12 Lammas Street


SA31 3AD

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Our premises are regularly inspected by The General Pharmaceutical Council

Our pharmacists are registered with The General Pharmaceutical Council

Director/Owner: Chris James Reg. No 2032298

Superintendent Pharmacist: Jayne Griffiths Reg No 2051534

Pharmacist(s): Jayne Griffiths, Nia Downey, Chris James

Registered numbers: 1043239, 2032298, 1054496, 1072893

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Member of National Pharmaceutical Association.

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All products sourced from reputable suppliers

Secure online ordering

All orders containing behind the counter and pharmacy only products (P, POM) are checked by a qualified health care professionals before dispatch

Health professionals available by phone and email

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