Are You Making the Most of Your Pharmacy?

25 Nov 2014 Chris James   Health and wellbeing Medicines and treatments

You have access to your community pharmacy without an appointment and it is open at times that suit the general public. Did you know that many pharmacies offer flu vaccinations, blood pressure testing, diabetes testing, cholesterol testing to name just a few.

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What we can do

In addition we now offer a Repeat Dispensing Service; this means that patients on regular medication can collect their monthly prescriptions directly from their pharmacy without the need to go to the surgery. The pharmacist will then check which items the patient requires before being dispensed.

Millions of pounds of NHS money is wasted annually through unused medicines. A certain amount of wastage is bound to happen, as some medicines are not suitable and the patient will change or stop their medication. But your local pharmacist can help reduce this medicine waste.

For people taking several types of medication we offer Medicines Use Reviews. This service is where the pharmacist can discuss your medication with you to ensure that you know how your medicines work and that you are taking them in a way that enables you to gain the maximum benefit from them and is an opportunity for you to ask questions about your medicines and to discuss any side-effects you may be suffering. This service is a free NHS service, so my advice to you is to ask your pharmacist for a Medicines Use Review to ensure that your medication is working as intended.



Take advice from the experts on medicines, it takes 5 years full time to qualify as a pharmacist. So make the most your pharmacy.

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