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From anti-aging skincare to nourishing moisturisers for dry skin, Vichy skincare has something for every skin type. As we know, good skin is subject to many factors, including both internal and external influences. Vichy provide a full range of products from sun care right through to cosmetics, because Vichy believe that good skin is more to do with treatment than skin type. With their “health is beauty” mantra, Vichy practice what they preach when it comes to achieving good skin, not just faking it. Whether your skin is too dry, too oily or too sensitive, Vichy will have a skincare range to suit your needs and give you the perfect base that you’ve always wanted.

Vichy are passionate about providing more than cosmetics, they want to promote health in the process, so sun care is very important to them. Not only do they have their own sun protection range, they also provide a high level of SPF in their foundations. Whilst Vichy aim to help you create the perfect skin, sometimes we all feel better with a little extra coverage, which is where their bestselling, award-winning Dermablend foundation range comes in. Vichy Dermablend expertly covers all flaws including redness, dark circles and acne, leaving you with a luminous, even base that allows your skin to breathe.

Vichy strive to discover new and effective ways to look after the health of your skin and create revolutionary products that regenerate, protect and nourish the skin. Perfect skin needn’t be unattainable thanks to Vichy.

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