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Pain Relief

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Flexiseq Active 50g

Flexiseq Active - Joint Lubrication Therapy

Helps Lubricate & protect Your Joints

Relieves Pain & Improves Mobility

Clinically Proven

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Nurofen Muscle & Back Heat Patches 2 Regular

Nurofen Muscle & Back Pain Relief Heat Patches

2 Regular Heat Patches


Contains natural minerals which when exposed to air provide up to 8 hours of therapeutic heat.

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Calpol 6+ Sugar Free Suspension 200ml

Calpol Six Plus Sugar Free Suspension contains paracetamol 250 mg/5 ml.

Pain and fever relief.

Strawberry flavour

Sugar Free

Colour Free


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Olbas Max Strength All-in-One Cold & Flu Capsules 16

Olbas Max Strength All-in-One Cold & Flu Capsules are used for the relief of the symptoms of colds and flu and the pain and congestion of sinusitis, including aches and pains, headache, blocked nose and sore throat, chills and high temperature


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Nurofen for Children Singles Strawberry Flavour 8 Sachets

Nurofen For Children Strawberry Singles is designed to relieve pain and reduce fever.

Each 5ml of oral suspension contains Ibuprofen 100mg.

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Nurofen 10% Maximum Strength Ibuprofen Gel 40g

Nurofen Maximum Strength 10% Gel Ibuprofen helps relieve the pain and inflammation caused by minor muscular injuries. 

Fast penetration

It contains 10% w/w ibuprofen 

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Regenovex Gel 40ml

Regenovex Gel  - Targeted application for joints

Functional ingredients from natural sources

For all joints including knee, shoulder, hip, fingers and feet

Suitable for daily use - including night time

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Zentiva Paracetamol 500mg Tablets 32

Easy to swallow capsule-shaped tablets

For effective pain relief

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Sports Heat + Cool Pack - 0

Helps with aches and pains and a wide variety of sport's injuries.Relieves some symptons of migraines.The Heat + Cool Pack is 100% natural. A natural non-invasive remedy for pain relief.Colours may vary.

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Tui Warming & Easing Balme - 12g

Warms the area of skin to which it is applied.Altogether natural.Conditions moisturises hydrates and softens the skin.

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Cura-Heat Back & Shoulder - 4 patches

12 hour warming relief for Back Shoulder/Neck Pain. Air-Activated Heat Pack for Targeted Relief.

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Compeed Corn Medium - 10 Patches

24 hour pain relief from corns

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