March 2015

Revolting Remedies – Snail Syrup

31 Mar 2015

In Revolting Remedies we look at some of the most shocking medical treatments in history. This week: snail syrup to treat a cough!

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School Nurse: Your Guide to the Loathsome Head Louse

27 Mar 2015

Head lice are common amongst children. Find out the most effective way to treat head lice and nits, and how to check your child for nits.

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11 Mar 2015

Mother's Day is here. Stuck for gift ideas for your mother? The Online Pharmacy UK can help. From fragrance to skin care, we've got the perfect Mother's Day gift guide for you.

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10 Mar 2015

Quitting smoking has many benefits, find out how to improve your health by quitting smoking on the BHF's national No Smoking Day

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